Steroids In Bodybuilding

Anabolic Steroids Have Been Involved In Bodybuilding Since The Beginning of The Sport – Here Is The Hardcore Truth

Here is a reality check – 100% of ALL the top level professional bodybuilders use anabolic steroids. When you look at the top bodybuilders what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Perhaps man that guy is huge, maybe you start to think how much they must be able to lift. The first thought in many minds though is that guy takes roids. So Do pro bodybuilders use steroids? Ddid Arnold really take roids? Is it still common in professional bodybuilding, and are there any benefits to trying naturally?

The easiest answer is to the first question. The simple fact is yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger used steroids. He also admitted to taking them, but says he only took them for 6 weeks before a contest while he was competing. The difference between Arnold’s use and current bodybuilders is simple. They were legal when Arnold took them. There had been no real research done at that time into the possible long term effects of steroids.

The modern bodybuilder question is a tougher egg to crack. You will rarely, if ever, get a bodybuilder to admit cycling. However, within the weight lifting community it is commonly thought that the majority of professional bodybuilders are, or have taken steroids. The juice, however, is not magic.

Yes, it will get you bigger faster, but, it is not like these guys don’t work their back sides off in the gym. Steroids have changed over the years, many people now think that roids do not have the effects they used to on the body. The problem is no real research has been performed to validate these claims.

Everyone can gain some muscle mass. With a lot of hard work, the right meal plan, and a ton of determination, you can become a bodybuilder naturally. Here is the thing, like it or not steroids are illegal. Not to mention you can have some serious health issues later on down the road with steroids. If you don’t think steroids can hurt you later on in life than read up on the story of Lyle Alzado.

If you want to become a bodybuilder and do things the natural way then you need a nutritionist, and a personal trainer to start. If you stay focused and continue to work hard you can achieve your goal of becoming a natural bodybuilder. Odds are it will be a more rewarding process too.

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Steroids In Bodybuilding

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