Tips For Gaining Weight While Weightlifting

Believe it or not, some poeple want to gain weight and bulking up is a pretty common fitness goal espcially among men.

There are 2 terms you will hear often used: The lean bulk, and the dirty bulk. The dirty bulk is obvious, eat as much junk food as possible, reduce cardio, and gain weight even if there ids some fat gained. The lean bulk on the other hand consists of  eating healthy foods and performing exercises geared towards building dense muscle mass.

While for most people losing weight is the goal, for others it can be difficult to keep weight on, especially if they are training hard. Muscle building requires energy and this means your body needs to be nourished.

In order to bulk up without adding too much fat, you will want to calculate exactly how much you are expanding in your exercise program and find the happy medium of caloric consumption that will give you energy and enable you to build bulk without gaining the extra love handles. Below are some delicious, healthy, high calorie meals to help you along.

Nuts, nuts, nuts. Nuts are probably one of the best ways to get your protein and add calories to your diet without binging on fast food. Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and other kinds of nuts are great snacks and provide your body with healthy fats.
Peanuts unfortunately tend to be heavily pesticide crops so may want to avoid these. Opt instead for the other nuts and enjoy these tasty little morsels.

Healthy oils like olive oil or safflower oil can be a great way to add calories to your meals. Add these to salads or pasta dishes and enjoy some more tasty healthy fats.

Drinking calories is another great way to bulk up. You can use supplements like Creatine powders and add to these rice, soy or cow’s milk. Smoothies are great because they’re fast and you can add a bunch of different life giving nutrients like berries, powders, bee pollen, spirulina or whatever you prefer.

Potatoes, pasta and rice are great carb meals that can pack on the pounds. Choose whole grain pastas or brown rice in order to get the most out of your carbo loading. These carbohydrate rich dishes provide your muscles with the glycogen they need to perform their best. Before big training days eat high carb meals to avoid tiring.

These are just some ideas for gaining weight and adding bulk. Remember that you don’t want to overdo it to the extent that you are simply adding empty calories or fat. Eating healthy high calorie meals are good for those that are training intensively, need to gain weight, or are highly physically active.

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-Jon Weider

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Tips For Gaining Weight While Weightlifting

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