Rock Climbing Has Some Great Fitness Benefits !

I bet You Didn’t Know Rock Climbing Workouts Could Be So Beneficial and Fun ! 

Rock climbing is a complex adventure sport that has grown into various specializations in recent years.  There are a variety of important techniques that need developing in order to ensure safety and success. The rock climbing experience is one that boasts an extremely challenging workout, but one that comes with numerous mental and physical rewards.  But even if you’re not ready to go out on a limb literally and take the sport to the real outdoors, you can take part in certain exercises that will help get you that glorious rock climber body.

Low-Training Volume:  Although most fitness enthusiasts will tell you that heavy weights increase muscle bulk faster than moderate with greater repetition, this is not the case.  Although strength is built up with heavy weights and lower reps, muscle tissue growth is not as much as it is with moderate or lighter weights and higher reps.

Because rock climbers need to have very little body fat or bulk in order to succeed, doing lower weight exercises is more useful for them.  Rock climbing demands a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Any excess weight is a blockade to performance so lower resistance weight training is best.  Focusing on this kind of strength training will therefore get you that lean muscle mass so characteristic of rock climbers.

Plyometric Exercises:  Plyometric exercises are also essential to the rock climbers’ exercise routine because power is of such importance for this kind of extreme sport.  Plyometric exercises help the body learn how to exert the most amount of strength in the shortest amount of time. Plyometrics help athletes gain strength, power and speed all in one.

Doing high-pulls, box jumps, squat jumps and power-pull ups are therefore all excellent way to get your body used to exerting raw power very quickly.  These exercises will tone the body quickly. Plyometrics will help you develop a lean athletic build fast.

Flexibility:  Flexibility is also key to rock climbing.  If you want to improve your flexibility consider taking a yoga or Pilates class alongside your usual fitness program.  This will complement the above workouts and will help lengthen and tone your whole body. Yoga, especially intense varieties like Asthanga or power yoga will help you lengthen and strengthen all at once while also giving you a pretty intense aerobic workout.

Doing the types of exercises outlined above can help prepare you for the real adventure of rock climbing or simply help you look longer and leaner without sacrificing raw strength.  Add these to your regular aerobic exercise routine and watch your body transform.

Rock Climbing Has Some Great Fitness Benefits !

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