Anti-Oxidants – How They Can Help You

Anti-Oxidants are very often overlooked by bodybuilders and athletes. This might be ok in your youthful years, but if you’re over 45 and you’re serious about maximizing your fitness level – keep reading . . . .

Antioxidants is a word that you will hear flowing around the bodybuilding and fitness world and very few people know what they are and where they come from. Antioxidants can be found in many of the multivitamins you purchase as well as some of the natural foods you consume. This article is going to clarify the common methods of consuming antioxidants, what antioxidants are, and best supplements to get your antioxidant needs.

Antioxidants are a classification of several organic substances, such as Vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, and carotenoids. These substances are formed together to create the name “antioxidant,” and are effective in helping to prevent cancer, stroke, and heart disease. At the molecular and cellular levels, antioxidants serve to deactivate certain particles known as free radicals. In humans, free radicals usually come in the form of oxygen. The oxygen wants to be oxidized and this process can be carcinogenic. Free radicals are the natural by-products of many processes within your cells. They are also created by radiation, cigarette smoke, and other harmful environmental factors.

One of the biggest uses of antioxidants for bodybuilders is its role on the metabolism. In the body, energy is produced safely in the presence of antioxidant intake, which is able to neutralize any excess of free radicals. 

Free radicals destroy muscle tissue in search of electrons. The antioxidants then sacrifice themselves for body tissue by donating an electron to a free radical. If your body is depleted of antioxidants, then your body will be suffering tremendously. The production of excess free radicals causes damage to the immune system, blood vessel linkage, the nuclei of cells, and cell membrane stability. This damage from free radicals can be seen as being directly related to the increased risk of cancer, auto-immunue syndromes, and cardiovascular disease.

Now you can get an adequate supply of antioxidants by just drinking tea, but if you`re like me and cannot stand the taste of tea, then you should get your antioxidant needs from supplementation. Having heard various opinions and my own personal opinion of the best antioxidant supplements, I conducted the following list as the best antioxidant products.

* Nature Made Antioxidants

* NOW Super Antioxidants

* Optimum Super Antioxidants

* ProHealth Ultra Antioxidant

* Nature Made 50+ Multivitamin with Calcium & Antioxidants Dietary supplement.

You simply cannot rely on a standard multivitamin to get all of your antioxidant needs because most multivitamins do not carry enough of them. Too much of a good thing can turn out bad so make sure that you find a happy medium and not go overboard with ingestion of them. You may also believe that you are getting enough antioxidants by eating enough fruits and vegetables, but nothing could be further from the truth! 

Fruits and vegetables do contain a small amount of antioxidants, but they do not contain enough of them. If you’re over 45, antioxidants should be in the front of you supplement list if you are looking for improved health, fat loss, and bigger muscles.

Thanks For Reading!

-Jon Weider

Anti-Oxidants – How They Can Help You

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