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Before buying any bodybuilding supplements, you should first have a specific fitness goal.

These are The 3 Most Common Fitness Goals

Bulking and Muscle Building

1.Bulking Supplements are for those individuals seeking to gain weight, improve muscle mass, and improve their overall power & strength. This should be the first cycle for thinner people with high metabolisms. If you struggle to gain weight and put on size, this should be your first option. Typically, football players, powerlifters, and off-season bodybuilders utilize bulking cycles to accelerate strength building and kick start new muscle growth.

For bulking, your ideal supplements would be:

  • BioBulk
  • BioMass
  • BioTestin

Cutting and Fat Loss

2.Cutting Supplements are beneficial to individuals seeking to lose fat and improve overall fitness. Fat burning stacks are used by competing bodybuilders in the final 4 to 8 weeks prior to competing to burn fat and improve vascularity (showing of veins). Cutting stacks are most often used by the serious weight lifter who wants those ripped and shredded 6 pack abs. Another added benefit is rapid strength gains. The mild stimulation effects make these supplements ideal for pre-workout energy, which results in instant strength improvement.

For cutting and fat loss, your ideal supplements would be:

  • BioShred
  • BioClen
  • BioTestin (Although this product not a thermogenic fat burner, it is a good for improving muscle definition)

Build Muscle and Burn Fat

3.If your goal is to Build Muscle and Lose Fat, the process is to attack these goals in phases (aka cycles). There is no single product on the market that will offer both of those benefits in just 1 pill. Nuclear Supplements has customized the best bodybuildng stacks to help you meet your goal.

If this is your goal, it would be best to use BioBulk post workout, and BioClen 20 minutes preworkout.

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always use the drop-down menu under “Shop By Goal”.